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Saturday, 26 November 2022

Top 3 methods to spy on someone whatsapp messages


This article has been written for educational purposes only. We don’t encourage hacking or cracking. We are here to discuss the ways that hackers are used to hacking our digital assets. If we know what methods they are using to hack, we are in a very good position to secure ourselves. It is therefore at the end of the article we also mention the prevention measures to secure us.

Are you unable to trust your partner as you found him/her in any kind of suspicious activity? Do you believe that he/she is chatting with strangers late at night to strange people? If yes then this article would help you out. The confusion about your partner would lead you into depression and destroy your peaceful life.  Everybody wants to live a stress-free life with complete peace of mind but the increased use of Facebook, and WhatsApp has also increased the tensions in our lives.  Many times you find your husbands or wives involved in such activities and you can’t do anything. Your wife or husband doesn’t care about their children and gets them involved in extra-marital affairs.

How to cope with situations and how to prove yourself right as your wife or husband hides their WhatsApp messages with you. So, in this article, we would try to find the top ways through which we can spy on our husband or wife's WhatsApp messages.

Top methods to Spy on WhatsApp messages

Manually hacking the messages from your partner’s mobile is quite risky and embarrassing as well if you are caught doing so. Therefore, you should adopt some safe and secure ways of extracting WhatsApp messages from your partner’s mobile whether wife or husband, or Girlfriend or boyfriend, you can simply put up an eye on whom they are chatting with. So here are some top methods which can be used to spy on WhatsApp messages of your husband.

1 Online Websites For Whatsapp Hack

While searching for hacking WhatsApp messages, you may find lots of websites that would ask you to simply put up the WhatsApp number of the victim and after a few minutes of processing, they would show you results. Many of these websites are completely fake and few are authentic ones but still, these websites can only be used for fun with your friends and not for serious purposes as the chances of getting caught are too high while using these sorts of websites. So to spy on your wife's WhatsApp messages you should go with genuine methods for WhatsApp hacking.

Spoofing method to Hack Whatsapp messages

The spoofing method to hack WhatsApp messages is a bit complicated and one should have some kind of technical knowledge to successfully perform the spoofing method. In the spoofing method, the MAC address of the mobile device has to be used to spy on Whatsapp. Whatsapp has some vulnerability that allows MAC spoofing to work. It allows users to run WhatsApp on two different devices that have the same MAC address. It’s one of the best ways to spy on a girlfriend's WhatsApp messages or spy on a boyfriend's WhatsApp messages

To find out the MAC Address you need to follow the following steps:

  • Android- Settings- About Phone – Check Status- Wi-Fi Mac Address
  • iPhone- settings> into general> about> wi-fi address
  • Blackberry-options>device>status info>WLAN MAC address
  • Windows-settings> about> info> MAC

Once to get the MAC to address from the victim's device, store it in a safe place. Once the hacking process is complete, you need to have the MAC Address once again, so save it for future use.

Now spoof it and make the MAC address similar to the victim’s MAC address. Spoofing the MAC address will make your mobile device similar to the victim’s device. You can use apps for spoofing such as MACDaddy or Wifispoof for iPhone and BusyBox, Terminal Emulator for android devices. These apps are freely available on Google Play Store.

After installing the apps you will find the “IP Link show” in the terminal. From here you have to identify the MAC address of the victim's mobile phone. From here you have to change the MAC address successfully.

Now re-install the WhatsApp messenger on your device once reinstalling you can access the victim’s WhatsApp messenger on your device as well. This also allows you to send and receive messages from the victim’s mobile number and also you can read messages.

WhatsApp Spy Software on Internet

It is one of the most comfortable ways to hack WhatsApp messages and spy on the WhatsApp messages of the husband.  Nowadays, you can find a lot of software that are promoting WhatsApp spy programs. As there is a lot of WhatsApp spy software in the market then you must pick the genuine one to get the best results. Some of the best software for WhatsApp spy are truth spy, mspy, nexspy, and mxspy they have good online reviews and feedback from other customers who are using this software. You need to download the apps on the victim’s phone that you would like to access and want to monitor the Whatsapp messages. For this, you need to have the phone of the victim for a few minutes only.

How to Use WhatsApp Spy Apps

First of all, you need to take permission from the phone of the victim to access the mobile to another phone. Then, select the app from the Google play store such as MSpy. Now, accept the terms and conditions mentioned here and also purchase it. This app must be installed on your phone and also on the phone of the victim. Now, start following the instructions mentioned here and configure the settings as prescribed properly to successfully initiate the WhatsApp hacking process. Finally, the WhatsApp hacking messages process is completed and you can access the WhatsApp account of your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

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