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Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Wordpress white screen issue 100% working method

Today i am going to tell you the solution of wordpress white screen issue when you are going to create new post create new page your unable to create. Because wordpress showing the white screen. Mostly this issue is accrued on automated website.

Wordpress white screen issue 100% working method
Wordpress white screen issue 100% working method 

Follow these step to resolve the issue.

1 Go to the hosting like name cheap etc.

2 After open hosting go to the C Panel.

3 In side bar click on wp content page

4 find the public html page 

5 rename the folder of theme with Theme_backup

After changing these setting go to wordpress dashboard create new page or post if the issue is still same then again open the hosting 

now this time Change the plugins folder with plugins_Bachup

Back to wordpress and create the page issue resolve 

If you have any query then comment below on comment section i will reply and give you the solutin take care .

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