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Thursday, 23 June 2022

what is canonical tag? how to resolve canonical error

What is canonical Tag?

There are to many definitions on google about canonical tag. But here i am going to tell you about canonical tag in short words. Basically canonical tag refers the correct best content on he website 
canonical tag tell the google robot about the perfect content in the website .

what is canonical tag? how to resolve canonical error
what is canonical tag? how to resolve canonical error 

Sometimes duplicate content post on the website google when google crawler comes on the website robot can be confused see the the duplicate content which one is appropriate content so they skip the post and go on next page but sometimes google crawler crawl the wrong content.

So canonical tag help the crawler which content is appropriate 

canonical play an important role in SEO.

Canonicalization issues can come at any point in the URL structure, and any point where multiple variations are introduced can produce problems. Common exemplifications include using both http and https, using www and non-www, or variations in the runner names themselves.

The following URL variations could potentially point to the same runner, so it's important to find and correct any of these on your website. One way to do so is to go and search for “, ” with your website address. Look for any variations within the URL structure at the homepage and deeper situations within the website. The variations could be minor so then are some examples

Canonical Tag

At one time, duplicate content was similar a major issue with all the hunt machines that they developed a result and made it available to all webmasters to control it. In early 2009, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft blazoned support for a new link element to make correcting indistinguishable URLs easier. It was called the canonical label. Since also, search machines have come veritably good about recognizing this label. 
 A great illustration of where a canonical label would be demanded within an Ecommerce platform can be seen in the academic variations below
Each of these represent valid paths to the same product “1234”; however, they likely would create duplicate content. To solve this problem, using a canonical tag, the following should be added to the html:

<link rel="canonical" href="">
Another common example occurs when the same product is referenced in multiple departments and categories. For example, the exact same product “aspirin” could be presented on the website in categories for drugs, health, vitamins, and cold remedies:
In this case, the following canonical tag can be set to establish the preferred path and ensure that only one is indexed and returned in the search results:

<link rel="canonical" href="">

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