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Saturday, 16 April 2022

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It was no statutory warning. The “monster” was back, more than three years after it tasted blood.

With Rajamouli’s Baahubali films redefining the scale and style of Indian cinema, others too dared to dream. One of them was Prashanth Neel. His K.G.F: Chapter 1 catapulted Kannada cinema into the national limelight like never before. Yash’s swagger, action sequences, slick filmmaking and an engaging storyline left the viewers yearning for more.

And Neel did not disappoint. K.G.F: Chapter 2 - the much-awaited sequel – is larger, meaner, louder, gorier… and longer. If the first part set the stage for Rocky bhai’s ascent to the top, the sequel shows what it takes for him to stay there, and dream beyond. In the pursuit of his grand plan, Rocky locks horns with Adheera (Sanjay Dutt) and Ramika Sen (Raveena Tandon as the prime minister).

Yash, as Rocky, is as menacing as ever. The swag is intact, but so are the emotions. One minute he is the ruthless killing machine, and the next, a 10-year-old yearning for his mother. Though he turns up in crisp suits, he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, when the need arises. Once again, it’s almost impossible to look beyond Yash.

Unless, of course, there’s Sanjay Dutt at the other end of the spectrum. Swag is his middle name. He gets as much the whistles and cheers as Yash, when he makes his grand entry on the screen. (Frankly, yours truly was in goosebump mode for much of the film, thanks to Dutt and Yash!). Age has taken a toll on the veteran actor, but kudos to him for bringing Adheera alive on screen. His styling plays an important part in it, but the justification for it is, well, difficult to digest.

Giving the two a tough fight is Tandon as PM Sen, who is almost as fiery as the two, but minus the gore. And she is not finished yet. The casting coup works brilliantly for this no-holds-barred show.

Though there isn’t much to complain about the script and screenplay, the switch between Rocky’s past and present isn’t as smooth as it was in the first film. That, and the forced (and contradictory and confusing) love angle, affects the flow of the film.

K.G.F: Chapter 2 is a celebration of machismo and power. It makes a feeble attempt or two to pretend otherwise, but in vain. If you liked the first part, you will love the sequel. If you didn’t, read the signage and ‘take diversion’.

TIP: Don’t leave the hall until they switch off the lights. Wait for it!

Film: K.G.F: Chapter 2

Director: Prashanth Neel

Cast: Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon and others

Rating: 4/5

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