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Wednesday, 6 April 2022

How to delete Instagram account permanently 2022

There are many reasons to delete instagram account permanently but Instagram doesn't  provide you with a direct setting from the app to delete the account hence we are creating this video to help you in deleting the instagram account permanently in an easy way. 

How to delete Instagram account permanently 2022
How to delete Instagram account permanently 2022

Steps to delete my Instagram account:

step 1: Open your Instagram Account

Step 2: Go to Menu button in Inst

Step 3: Open settings from the menu 

Step 4: Go to Help in setting menu on Instagram

Step 5: It will open a page in browser

Step 6: Now, open Manage your account

Step 7: it has a option to delete your Instagram profile

Step 8: Now select the option to delete the account 

Step 9: Fill the form with your login id and password

Step 10: Enter the reason for deleting your Instagram account

And finally, click permanently to delete your Instagram Profile/account/user id


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