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Tuesday, 7 December 2021

PUBG Mobile Reunion Party: How to Get Free UC in Pakistan

For the first time in what feels likes ever, you ’ll be suitable to claim free UC in PUBG Mobile. As part of the PUBG Mobile Reunion event, 600 UC is over for heists. There are no strings attached to the comp. Though PUBG Mobile can demand ridiculous totalities of plutocrat for its decoration in- game particulars, it’s set to give every player around$ 10 worth of a limited type of its typical decoration currency. So how do you get it? And more importantly, how do you use it? Read on to find just. Just know that if you ’re reading this after November 11, you ’ve formerly lost a good knob of free Limited UC. 

How to Get Free 600 UC in PUBG Mobile 

 To get your free 600 UC in PUBG Mobile, you ’ll need to log in on November 11. That exact date. You ’re free to play ahead and later, but you ’ll only get some free UC if you log in on that day as well. You don’t have to inescapably play a match. Don’t worry if you ’re a little gravel. But you can’t log in, snare your price, and sprint off again. 
 To claim the 600 UC, you need to be logged into the game for a aggregate of two hours over the course of the day. Whether you do that in one sitting or throughout the day is over to you. But if you don’t manage to spend 120 twinkles logged in on November 11, you won’t get the price. Once you ’ve been logged in for the distributed time, you ’ll presumably have to tap over onto the event to claim your prize. Some prices land straight into your in- game mailbox, but this kind generally requires claiming from the charge menu before it’s actually transferred to your mailbox. 

 How To Spend Limited UC 

 After claiming your 600 UC price, you ’ll presumably want to spend it. In fact, you really should. It’s Limited UC. You can only spend it while the Limited UC Shop is available, which just so happens to be on November 11 — the same day you ’re suitable to claim your freebie. We won’t know what’s in the time- limited shop until that legendary day arrives, but what we do know is that free means free. We ’re not awaiting the biggest and stylish skins in the game, but commodity is better than nothing. 

When Does the Limited UC Shop Open? 

 The Limited UC shop opens on November 11. Though the graphic participated by the game’s social media accounts makes it look as if it closes on November 25, it actually extends off the visible timetable. The in- game event screen clarifies this, setting the ending date for the Limited UC Shop as January 7. You ’ll have plenitude of time to use your Limited UC, but you don’t have a lot of time to earn it if you haven’t started formerly. 

How To Get Further Limited UC for Free 

Although you ’re suitable to get 600 UC for free on November 11, that isn’t the outside you can get for the Limited UC box. The PUBG Mobile Reunion event is a full jubilee that’s set to run for weeks. You ’ll presumably have noticed if you ’ve been putting in the hours before the 600 UC comp. But for those who haven’t, you can claim up to 2400 free UC just by continuing to log in and play the game throughout the event. 
 From now until November 25, logging in each day and completing up to 30 matches with musketeers before the cut-off date will award you with further Limited UC. Like ahead, this can be redeemed in the Limited UC Crate for a bunch of delicacies. It’s a shame it’s not traditional free UC. You can’t use Limited UC to pull in the PUBG Mobile Koenig segg banner or toward the rearmost X-Suit, but you ’ll get commodity for nothing. That’s what matters then. 

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