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Saturday, 11 September 2021

Youtube Shorts Earn 680$ Per Video 2021

How to Earn Money Amazon Affiliate Marketing With Youtube Shorts 


Firstly i am going to give you the short introduction of youtube Youtub shorts amazon & amazon Affiliate marketing program then i will tell you how to earn money with this method I hope this will be helpful for all of you :) 


Youtube Is the largest video sharing website in the world.

Youtube Shorts

The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100M fund to reward creators for their dedication to making creative, original Shorts that delight the YouTube community. We’ll reach out to thousands of creators each month to tell them that they qualify for a Shorts bonus from the fund.


Amazon is the world largest e commerce company. There are different method to earn money with this company two Method is most popular 

1 Investment  

In this method you are invest your money create your own shop on amazon offer your products to custmors

2 Affiliate Marketing

Earn money with amazon without invest with affiliate marketing Is the most popular method in this time.

amazon offers you to sell this products to customer and earn handsome commission 

ok let talk about how to earn money with How to Earn Money Amazon Affiliate Marketing With Youtube Shorts .

Follow this steps

1 Go to Associates Central

2 Register yourself at amazon Affiliate Program.

Step 2

1 Create youtube channel
2 Upload shorts video under 60 sec
For Example
Search On tiktok or youtube Like gadgets videos and upload on your youtube channel 
4 Edit your your youtube video with canva write on video link in description 
Final step 
ad your amazon product link in description people can purchase these things and you can earn Commission.

1 Go to Youtube.

2 Create Channel 

3 Upload shorts


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