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Tuesday, 30 March 2021

how to create table in your website easily

how to create table in your website easily

    how to create table in your website easily 

    There Are two easy step to add table in your website using MS OFFICE Without any Coding.

    This The only easy way to add table in you website  Because Creating the table in blogger is need to expertise in HTML And CSS But Here I am going to tell you the easiest way to add table :)

    Step 1 Creating A Table In MS WORD

    First thing you need is to do MS Office 
    Download MS OFFICE If you have already have Ms office then open and create the table and follow this tutorial 

    After opening the Ms Word The First thing is to creating the table Go To Insert Table 
    Select the column of the table how much you need 
    for example here i am Select 4 columns You Can see in this Screenshot 

    Once the table is prepared , you would possibly want to offer it a touch of cool and colorful look. attend the “Design” tab and from there you'll either apply the pre-designed styles or can create a replacement one own your own. It provides you tons of options for personalisation in order that you come up with a master piece.

    Step 2  Adding Microsoft Word Table in Blogger

    Once you've got successfully created a table on MS Word, it’s time to urge the HTML code which you'll be inserting into your posts. 

    First you would like to save lots of your document in .html extension, so attend File >> Save as and from the sink list select “Web Page, Filtered” and press “Save” button to conclude. (Try saving the file on your desktop approximately that you simply can access it easily

    Now you've got converted your table into an HTML website , so simply attend the situation where you saved the document I.e. HTML file of your table. Now select the file which you saved a couple of moments a go and right click thereon , then press “Open with >> Notepad”.

    Copy all the HTML Coding present within the Notepad. Now attend >> your site >> Add a replacement Post >> Edit HTML, and now paste the HTML code in Blogger post editor which you copied a couple of moments ago. Once everything is completed press the “Publish” button to end the method .

    Congratulations: you've got successfully added a table in your posts. Go visit your posts to ascertain things are working well for you or not. allow us to know what your thoughts about this fancy technique.

    We hope this text has helped you in learning the way to easily create tables in blogger using Microsoft Word. If anyone has any better ways of doing an equivalent job, then do allow us to know. If you would like to ask anything, just leave it within the comment.


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