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Sunday, 28 February 2021

How to Change Your URL on Every Social Network | GoGetEverything

People also ask

Can you change your Facebook URL more than once?

Can I change Instagram URL?

How can I change my URL?

How do I change my FB page URL?

The Exceptions: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest

Your Twitter URL will always be, your Instagram URL will always be, your Tumblr URL will always be, and your Pinterest URL will always be So if you change your username on any of these social networks, your URL will automatically change as well.

You Should Probably Change: Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn 

some of the foremost popular social networks don't set your profile URL up for you by default using your full name or username. this is often very true if you've had an existing account since the first days, like Facebook, which only started notifying users that they might change their profile URLs a couple of years ago.

You should take a glance at the URLs of your Facebook profile, Facebook pages, YouTube channel, and LinkedIn profile. Snapchat also just made it possible for users to share their usernames with new contacts via URL, so you ought to consider looking into that, as well.

Why You Should Streamline Your Social Profile URLs

So why is it even important to vary your social profile URLs anyway? Does anyone else really care?

Whether they care or not is irrelevant. What really matters is how it helps make your profiles more discoverable. a few of advantages to changing your URL are:

Give new contacts a particular URL to attach with you. No more telling people to "look me abreast of Facebook" and force them to play a game of which profile is yours. you'll say, "my profile is," and they'll be ready to find you on the primary try.
Rank within the search engines for your name. When somebody searches for your full name or your business name in Google, your profile is more likely to return up as a top result if its URL also includes your full name or business name.
We'll show you the precise steps of the way to change your profile URLs for all major social networks discussed above. Follow these slides to ascertain how.

How to Change Your Profile URL (Username) on Facebook

Let's start with changing your Facebook profile URL.

Sign in to your account, click the small downward arrow icon in the top right corner of the menu and click Settings from the drop-down menu that appears. You can also visit and click Edit Username to change it.

Nex to the Username option, click Edit. Enter the new username, which will be displayed in your URL as, and then enter your password to confirm the change.

How to Change Your Page URL on Facebook

Now let's take a look at how to change your URL for a public Facebook page.

Sign in to Facebook and look for the public page in your left sidebar under the Pages section. Note that to be able to change a page's URL, you have to be an administrator of that page first.

Click on your About tab in the menu beneath your header image. Look for the Facebook Web Address option and hover your cursor over it, which should trigger an Edit button to appear to the right of it.

Click Edit, type in the new username you want for your page, check to make sure it's available, and confirm it. Once you confirm, your new page URL will be all set up.

How to Change Your Channel URL on YouTube

 Just sign in to your YouTube account and access your advanced settings by clicking your profile photo in the top menu, clicking the gear icon in the drop-down box, and then clicking on Advanced beneath your name and email on the next page.

If you already have a custom URL, then it will show up here. It doesn't appear that you can change your URL if it's set up already.

If you don't have one, you'll be able to select a link to claim as your URL under Channel Settings. YouTube will show you a list of URLs you've been approved for in the Get a custom URL box, which you can't change entirely, but you can add some extra letters or numbers to make it more unique.

Agree to the terms and click Change URL. Your new YouTube URL will be or even just where XXXXXX is the name or phrase you set up.

How to Change Your Profile URL on LinkedIn

Changing your LinkedIn URL is actually quite easy, and you're allowed to change your URL up to five times over a period of 180 days.

To change your LinkedIn profile URL, sign in to your account and go to your profile page. Beneath your profile photo, you should see the current link that leads to your profile. When you roll your cursor over this, a gear icon will appear beside it, when you see it, click on the gear icon.

You'll now be able to edit your profile URL in the right sidebar. Enter the URL you want and then click save.

Your new LinkedIn URL can be accessed by visiting where XXXXXX is the name or phrase that you chose.

How to Share Your Snapchat Username URL with New Contacts

Snapchat is one of the latest major social networks that has jumped on the custom URL bandwagon. While you can't exactly plug a URL into a web browser to see a user's profile, you can at least share a link through the app to make it easier for new contacts to add you.

Open up the Snapchat app on your mobile device and access the camera tab. Swipe down to pull down your Snapcode screen and tap Add Friends. On the following tab, tap the last option, Share Username.

Your device will pull up a selection of apps you can use to share your username, such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger, text message, email, and so on. When you select an app to send your username, Snapchat will automatically paste the link to your username in your message.

When new contacts see the link from the tweet you posted or the message you sent them, they'll be able to tap it from a mobile device and it will prompt their Snapchat app to open up a preview of your profile so that they can add you. Keep in mind that this all has to be done from a mobile device since Snapchat can't be used at all on the desktop web.

Your Snapchat URL will be where XXXXXX is your username.

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