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Sunday, 28 February 2021

How I Got 50k TikTok Followers in Oneday hack | GoGetEverything


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    TikTok may be a short-form, video-sharing app that permits users to make and share 15-second videos, on any topic.

    TikTok maintains a separate app for the Chinese market, referred to as Duyin, which has over 300 million active monthly users. The new app’s logo may be a combination of the and Duyin logos.

    How I Got 50k TikTok Followers in Oneday hack

    A month after creating our  TikTok channel, we had made 38 videos, got over 2k followers, and received 21,000 likes. Two of the videos we posted in the first two month got more than 100k views.

    Now in 2021, we've almost 17k followers. Since we serve modern creators, we decide to continue experimenting with it for an extended time. during this article, I'll share our tips for a way to travel viral on TikTok and obtain followers for your account. Here's what you ought to know:

    Post tons of videos

    Watch videos for inspiration

    Try our trending formats

    Stay in tune with current events

    Make an instantaneous impression

    Edit videos outside of TikTok

    1. Post tons of Videos

    One of the keys to TikTok is volume. Get creative and unleash the wacky, unfiltered a part of your personality. it's extremely hard to predict which videos will had best , so you've got to post tons . Often, you'll spend tons of your time create a tremendous video and it won't get that a lot of views, but other times, you'll post something that you simply didn't work very hard on, and it'll begin . The secret? Just keep posting.

    To get those first couple thousand followers, we posted 21 videos in fortnight . Volume is that the name of the sport , so you should not go each day without making a replacement TikTok in your first few weeks. Here's the primary video we made, an easy screencast with no music. It wasn't much, but it got the ball rolling.

    2. Watch Videos to urge Inspiration

    Popular TikTok videos can fall under any category. you will find everything from very polished, put-together artsy videos to low-effort Vine-style clips. Since the app doesn't have specific interest feeds, you will need to appeal to a good audience. Some people are successful showing exceptionally beautiful things (incredible nature, attractive people, or amazing experiences), and other TikTokers concentrate on #hacks or practical lifestyle how-to videos.

    The longer you spend on TikTok, the more you'll start to note trends and obtain inspiration for your own projects. We started a spreadsheet where we started brainstorming ideas for videos. a number of our ideas included:

    Show the way to use Kapwing with a "screencast" style video for easy tasks

    Use  on an in-car tablet

    Introduce people within the office

    Do a dance move tutorial wearing Kapwing swag

    In one among our most successful videos, Peter showed off his pen spinning skills. to form it more unexpected and surprising, we staged the video to reveal his skills at the top . try different video structures to ascertain what people like best.

    3. try Trending Formats

    From the discover page on TikTok, you'll find trending sounds, dances, memes, or formats that you simply can copy together with your own style or twist. On TikTok, it's simple to hop in and put your own spin on things while building off of a well-known format.

    For example, we created a #HOCO transformation video using the favored svensven39 soundtrack. it had been an enormous trend at the time, and it figured out pretty much for us, so if you're out of your own ideas, just mount an enormous trend.

    4. Stay In Tune with Current Events

    Our hottest video was a response to the Tesla truck unveiling. Sometimes, hot hashtags can get your video attention. We spent many time absorbing trends before the event, and that we knew that tons of individuals would be talking about the event online, so we were able to come up with ideas and film a video. Our video got quite 100,000 views in only a few hours.

    5. Make an instantaneous Impression

    Because TikTok is meant for casual viewers, videos need to immediately catch the viewers attention. People scrolling through their FYP will usually wait only about 1-3 seconds before judging your video and swiping to subsequent one. So you will need to hook your audience early so as to form them watch to the top , and TikTok is more likely to feature your video ahead of more potential fans.

    Here's an example where we told users to "stop scrolling" in order that we could get their attention immediately.

    6. Edit Videos Outside of TikTok

    One way to stay out on TikTok is to use video editing techniques that are not possible within the app, like merging with a part of a YouTube video or adding subtitles. you'll use Kapwing's Studio create 9:16 collages and edit vertical videos quickly online, then publish those videos within the app. We make nearly all of our TikTok videos on Kapwing during a shared Content Marketing Workspace, then publish them to the TikTok account.


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